Chinese Festivals (English)

Chinese Festivals (English)

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China has a long history of agriculture, so in the earliest stages its festivals were intimately tied up with farming. Today, the Chinese continue to celebrate these festivals, bringing them even closer to their ancestors, creators of a splendid culture.

Book title: Chinese Festivals (English)  
Author: Qi Xin  
Publishing: Foreign Languages Press 2008 1st Edition  
Language: English  
Format: Paperback, 9.375 x 6.75 inches, 101 pages  
ISBN: 9787119054070


Spring Festival  
Lantern Festival  
Spring Dragon Festival  
Pure Brightness Festival  
Dragon Boat Festival  
Heavenly Gift Festival  
Seventh Night Festival  
Hungry Ghost Festival  
Mid-Autumn Festival  
Double Ninth Festival  
Laba Festival  
Kitchen God Festival  
Major Festivals Celebrated by China's Ethnic Groups


春节,即农历新年    农历正月初一    Spring Festival, Chinese New Year
元宵节,又称灯节   农历正月十五日   Lantern Festival
清明节,又称踏青节   农历二十四节气中的清明日   Pure Brightness Day 
端午节,又称端阳节、龙舟节、正阳节   农历五月初五   Dragon Boat Festival 
七夕节,又称七姐节、女儿节   农历七月初七   Seventh Night Day, Chinese Valentine's Day 
中元节,七月半、祭祖节   农历七月十五   Ghost Festival 
中秋节,又称赏月节、团圆节   农历八月十五    Mid-Autumn Festival 
重阳节,又称“重九”    农历九月九日    Double Ninth Festival  
冬至,又称冬节    农历二十四节气中的冬至日    Winter Solstice 
腊八节   农历十二月初八    Laba Festival,  Bodhi Day
小年   腊月二十四   Kitchen God Festival
除夕,又称大年夜   岁末的最后一天夜晚   Chinese New Year Eve

品名: 中国节日 (英文版)  
作者: 齐星 编; 妙龄 英译  
出版社: 外文出版社  
ISBN: 9787119054070  
出版时间: 2008-01

Tags: Chinese folk culture, Chinese festivals, Chinese Arts, Chinese brush painting, Chinese character, Chinese new year

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