Costumes of Ethnic Minority Groups, Chinese Imperial Costume, Chinese Cheongsams

Costumes of Ethnic Minority Groups, Chinese Imperial Costume, Chinese Cheongsams

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Chinese Culture: Costumes of Ethnic Minority Groups in China; Chinese Imperial Costume; Chinese Cheongsams

Costumes of Ethnic Minority Groups in China

The history of human dress, in a sense, is the history of human civilization. In China, this human civilization is contributed jointly by the 56 nationalities of the country. In this documentary, the costumes of 13 representative minority nationalities are demonstrated, focusing on their color, pattern, design and the materials used, which provides you a mosaic colorful dress world.

Chinese Imperial Costume

This documentary diachronically records the development of court dresses in ancient China, focusing on its particular design, color and the influence it has on modern dress design.

Chinese Cheongsams

In this documentary, Shanghai is the center of fashionable dress of the day. Chinese Cheongsams popular in the 1920s to 1940s will be revealed to the audiences one by one. The workmanship of polished Chinese Cheongsams, fens of different kinds of Chinese Cheongsams worn by people lo different times and the natural humanity demonstrated by Chinese Cheongsams will fully displayed to you in a limited time of 30 minutes.

Published by Guangzhou Audio-Visual Publishing House, 2006
Medium: 1 DVD-5
DVD regional code setting: All
Picture format: NTSC, MPEG-2, Color
Soundtrack: Chinese
Subtitle: Chinese-English
Running time: 89 minutes
ISBN: 7885184420 / 9787885184421
ISRC: CNF280600700
EAN: 6937475383199

ISBN 7-88518-442-0
ISRC CN-F28-06-0070-0/V.G2


一部人类服饰史,从某种意义上说,也是一部感性化了的人类文化发展史,在中国,这部感性的人类发展史是由56民族共同完成的。本片选取 了十三个富有代表性的中国少数民族服饰,通过介绍这些民族的服饰特点来展现中国多彩的服饰文化。





Tags: Chinese culture, Cheongsams, ethnic minorities, imperial costumes, costumes, follow me in Chinese

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