jiuwei qianhuo (Nine-Immortal Extract)
jiuwei qianhuo (Nine-Immortal Extract) 

jiuwei qianhuo (Nine-Immortal Extract)

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for common cold, flu, migraine, and lumbar strain all which are caused by exterior wind cold dampness and internal heat. It's formulated with Rhizoma et Radix Notopterygii, Radix Saposhnikoviae, Rhizoma Atractylodis, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Radix Scutellariae, being primarily used for syndrome due to the attack of exogenous wind, cold and dampness with interior heat accumulation.

Product label: Nine-Immortal Extract
Packing: 200 concentrated pills / bottle
Manufactured by Lanzhou Traditional Herbs, China.

Notopterygium (root & rhizome)
Siler (root)
Cang-zhu atractylodes (rhizome)
Ligusticum wallichii (rhizome)
Fragrant angelica (root)
Chinese skullcap (root)
Chinese licorice (root)
Rehmannia (cured root tuber)

Actions: To induce diaphoresis, dispel dampness, and clear internal heat.

Main indications: Use for exterior syndrome with internal heat caused by invasion of exogenous pathogenic wind, cold and dampness, fever, chills, absence of sweating, headache, rigidity of neck, aching of limbs, bitter taste in mouth with slight thirst, showing a tongue with white or yellowish coating, and a superficial pulse. It is applicable to common cold, flu, rheumatic arthritis, migraine, and lumbago, which have the above symptoms and belong to pathogenic wind, cold and dampness in the exterior with heat in the interior.

Directions: Take 8 pills each time, 3 times a day.
Caution: Do not use during pregnancy.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

汉语拼音:jiu wei qian huo wan






Tags: common cold, flu, influenza pandemic, traditional Chinese medicine, dietary supplement

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