Conversational Chinese 301 3rd Edition Volume 2 (book & dvd)
Conversational Chinese 301 3rd Edition Volume 2 (book & dvd)  Conversational Chinese 301 3rd Edition Volume 2 (book & dvd) 

Conversational Chinese 301 3rd Edition Volume 2 (book & dvd)

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Conversational Chinese 301 (Volume 2) (Third Edition English) contains 20 lessons (Lesson 21 ~ Lesson 40).

Conversational Chinese 301 (Volume 2) (Third Edition English)
Author: Kang Yuhua,Lai Siping
Publishing house: Beijing Language and Culture University Press
Edition: the third edition in July 2005, the fourth print in June 2007
Binding: Paperback, 787 x 1092, or 16 format, 223 pages
ISBN: 7561914040 / 9787561914045

Editor's PREFACE

Conversational Chinese 301 is intended to be an intensive course book for foreigners who have just started to learn Chinese.

Conversational Chinese 301 - DVD for Volume 2
by Kang Yuhua, Lai Siping
Publish by Beijing Language and Culture University Press, 2007
Medium: 1 DVD
Audio: Mandarin Chinese
Subtitles: simplified Chinese, English, French
Region Code: 0 (all regions)
ISBN: 9787799512037

Conversational Chinese 301 (the Third Edition) - DVD for Volume 2. Contains 48 dialogue scenes In mandarin Chinese, with subtitles in simplified characters, English and French. Very useful to accompany any language version of Conversational Chinese 301 Volume 2.

This book lays emphasis on improving the ability of the learner to use Chinese for communication. It integrates the communicative function with the grammatical structure and presents the most essential and useful part of the language in the linguistic environments one is usually exposed to in daily life, so as to enable the learner to master the 301 basic conversational sentences fairly quickly, and on that basis, through “Substitution and Extension” practice, to acquire the ability to carry on simple conversations with the Chinese. In this way, the book will also help lay a solid foundation for further study.

In view of the characteristics of language learning of the adult, we use not only easy-to-understand language, but also simple grammar. All this will help him use the grammatical rules to guide his own language practice and draw inferences about other cases from one instance.

The exercises are varied and plentiful. The reviews give due attention to improving the conversational and narrative skills of the learner, as well as systematically summarizing the grammar points covered. The exercises in each lesson and the reviews may be used in totality or in part, according to actual circumstances.

开本:787?092毫米 16开本
ISBN:7561914040 / 9787561914045






Tags: spoken Chinese, Chinese conversation, Mandarin, Putonghua

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